Neil Armstrong's Mission To Mars

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A future ahead of us in Mars

Forty years ago a man landed on the moon surface. Today it is our duty as a country to continue the steps Neil Armstrong started. A manned-mission to Mars not only will confirm the US superiority, it is our destiny as humans to prosper; however many challenges are upon us, including political, financial and technological problems.

The first map of Mars was drawn over 500 years ago and people have sent more than 50 robots to observe the Red Planet. Mars once had an atmosphere and land with water on its surface and atmosphere that could have or may harbor microscopic life. Which brings us to the question is there life beyond Earth? Circulating robots on Mars do not have the necessary instruments to detect whether there is life and answer the question in a conclusive way. (Emmitt, Marcia)

A project to Mars could be
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Currently two companies already have a plan: Mars One , and SpaceX Mars 500 project which plans to send space travelers for the next decade in order to establish a permanent colony. SpaceX Elon Musk leader estimates that the project Mars Oasis could cost 36 billion dollars. (Jaggard, Victoria)

Mars One Began its search for the four people that will become the first humans in mars. More than 150,000 have applied, the company is looking for all kinds of people with different background and etnies. Once 24 potential Mars Settlers have been selected teams of 4 each with two men and two woman would be made. They will be trained in different areas of knowledge and once the trainment it 's over, they will select the winner team. Viktoria a BelaRusian women that applied says “the change to go to mars is a privilege, a change to understand human psychology, the body, and its limitations. An opportunity to learn about a new world, and show us its wonders” (More than 150,000 Earthlings Line Up for One-Way Ticket to

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