Future Goals And Future Plans For Attending Culinary School

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Future Plans
One might consider graduating high school an ending to a part of their life, but I would consider it the beginning. This will be the first time most high school graduates will be able to make their own life changing decisions. There are things that I know I want to accomplish to achieve my future career goals; most likely not doing all these things right after high school but sometime in my lifetime. Attending culinary school, and college is what I am thinking of doing right after high school. Culinary school would be what I’m most interested in doing after high school. I would like to do this first because it is what I am most passionate about and it is my biggest dream to go there. It could also help me obtain a better paying
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This way I would be able to control my own working hours, and vacation. I would have to decide whether to work at home, a store or open a small bakery. It would be a smart idea to have some sort of education in business not just culinary. If I chose to do this I would would take additional business classes at a nearby community college to refresh my mind on running a business. Some business management and accounting courses would be very helpful. This would be my more fun route to take in life but wouldn’t be the more suitable option to choose. Becoming a chef requires putting in a lot of time and money, that’s why I would like to pursue a degree in something else at a college and have culinary be more of a …show more content…
Mitchell Hill a math teacher at Columbia High School enjoys his job as a teacher and talked to me about some issues that could occur in becoming a teacher. According to Mr. Hill, the most difficult aspect of being a teacher is letting kids fail even when he talks to them often about improving and they refuse to try to learn and get better.. Mr. Hill believes that a popular misconception about teaching is that it is easy, “by having time off school like summer break it would be easy but to become a good teacher it is more then that”. When asked what he considers the biggest problem is, he emphasizes that it would be behavior. When Mr. Hill explains how technology can affect the change in classrooms his views are that “technology and students being at a one to one ratio, it would allow students to learn at their own pace, but at the same time they would be at different levels so the teacher would have to do lessons differents”. Mr Hill would say that some of the most important things he has learned about becoming a teacher is to “be confident and have fun”. He says that his favorite thing about teaching is that he is able to help

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