Future Emergencies Essay

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Future Emergencies
This short story was written in 2002, a year after 9/11. So the setting is the post 9/11 America contributing the sense of uncertainty and insecurity of America’s future and the fear of changes in American people’s lives.
The female narrator She isn’t given a name, probably she’s used to represent ordinary Americans whose pleasant, enjoyable lives have been afflicted by 9/11 attacks, becoming frightened, anxious and longing for their past ways of life. Before the incident, she says she have always dated many men, then she meets Victor who is older, strong, intellectual and she knows that she can rely on his permanent shape. She finds Victor’s dark humor about the medieval age, or his love of penal things and conflicts
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I think the writer might try to say that, if you dig yourself too deep into other people’s loss, if you are overly emotional or worried for others’ sorrow, your life will be more distressed than them.
I think this might explain why the narrator’s still be with Victor. Victor’s contrasted characteristics from hers and the American people’s bring her up from the pit of anxiety, he balances her afflicted emotion and brings her close to normal life again. In the last page, “Victor made a snowball and threw it at a tree, and when it hit, it exploded in a blast of white.” This action resembles the 9/11 attacks; the hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center and they exploded in white dust. But right after this sentence, she says she “kept slipping because her shoes didn’t have any treads, but Victor held her arm so that she wouldn’t fall,” she is emotionally imbalanced after the happening, but Victor holds her up, to lively live again, she has to stay close to him, moreover, he is pretty romantic, cooking, lighting the candle and holding her in his arms.
Anyway, it looks like she couldn’t totally bring herself back to peace again. At the end, she is pregnant and she wishes her child to be as strong as the runners, because she wants her child to be prepared for whatever calamity to happen in the

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