Future Changes-Technology Essay

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Paulla Fowler
Message to Prepare for Future Challenges
March 11, 2012
MBA 6006

Nayar at HCL Technologies prides himself and his office on being transparent. They encourage their employees to be responsible for their actions: Through the value portal where employees and customers collaborate together to develop new innovations. With the improved use the of Blue Print portal for the main managers peer-to-peer reviews to create new innovations. To the various forms of internal and external messaging used on a local bases to improve overall employee passion and customer satisfaction.
In 2006 the CEO had recast the role of his office and transferred the responsibility for change on to his employees for many initiatives. One example is
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Nayar hoped the new blueprint concept would bring the managers closer to the value zone, from a top-down management system, to managers giving peer-to peer reviews via recordings saved on the Internet (Nayar, V. 2010). The concept was a success managers were now addressing their business analysis more in depth whereas before they would talk more about what they hoped to accomplished. Employees and managers caught on to the opportunity of these recordings and discussed with each other their understanding of the future, unlike before employees did not know what other parts of the organization were doing. My Blue Print allowed new employees the opportunity to get connected to the team and understand what has been accomplished and what they want to be accomplished. Where before new employees had no idea what lead up to the development of an innovation or where a division was heading.
My Blue Print also gave people the opportunity to take ownership for their projects and align themselves better with the plans of the company, such as the merger and acquisitions of AXON. With AXON being more successful at SAP consulting HCLT focused on integrating them into HCLT instead of making the same mistakes that most corporations make. HCLT took twenty-five hundred people from HCLT and put them into AXON organization to acquire the knowledge of the SAP software. The merger was such a success customers recognized the

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