Essay On Mentoring

My project will be based around my future career path of becoming an academic director for athletics. Working with student- athletes is a rewarding task for you are helping mentor them at making decisions for their future after college sports. Therefore, my leadership program will be based on formal mentoring. To me formal mentoring is preparing the mentee for the future by providing advice, guidance and support. My program will consist of a team of properly trained student-athlete alumni as mentors. All alumni mentors will be required to complete a training course where they will learn how to approach, listen and react. Our goal in formal mentoring is making sure the mentee needs, questions and concerns are being heard so we may assist with …show more content…
The mentors requirements would be must have been a previous student-athlete graduate and complete provided training course. In return the volunteers will receive athletic tickets to any collegiate game and an appreciation gift at the end of each semester. All formal mentoring sessions would be made mandatory for all freshman and transfer students to complete one year. After the one year students have the option to continue the program either less frequent or not at all. The goal of the program would be to develop relationships that will continue past the mandatory formal mentoring stage. The main goal of this leadership program is to provide all students with at least the proper skills and knowledge to succeed on a collegiate level. Taking advantage of the offered opportunities is up to those who are serious about their future. I believe there is no better way to learn than from an experienced former team mate. The program will be held mornings and evenings from 6AM-8AM and night from 7PM-9PM. The hours would be based around practice time so students would not feel over whelmed about finding additional transportation and class/study time won’t be interrupted. Each week the mentees would be required to meet with their assigned mentor during these hours. Mentors will be in charge of three student athletes each so they will have time to actually focus and develop

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