Essay about Further of Smart Phones

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Verizon Communications Inc. :The Future of Smartphones

Verizon Communications Inc. is a telecommunications company that provides millions of Americans with innovating products. Verizon is a company that connects people everyday through their wireless technology. The technology that Verizon offers is top of the line high speed and power. Verizon is always looking for new ways to advance to the next level. Technology is always improving and advancing. Verizon has captured the best of technology and built it into their most innovating product. Verizon now offers a Super Smartphone that can truly do it all. This new Super Smartphone is like no other phone, and has unimaginable technology. The Super Smartphone created by Verizon will change
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This phone also possesses the fastest internet, the longest battery life, connects with other products, and can store a massive amount of information. You can simply talk to your phone and you get the response you need, not a short answer that is not even close to what you asked. Your phones connects to everything around you and modifies to how you do things. The technology is so far advanced in this phone, that it is like having absolutely everything that you need to make your life much easier, in the palm of your hand. The Super Smartphone will be the first of its class. Many other communication companies will attempt to replicate this product, but only Verizon can offer such an advanced product. Verizon as a company researched to find out what exactly it is that customers need in their phone. If we are able to give our customers what they need, before anyone else, we will have a great competitive advantage over every communications company. Being able to give our customers the technology to make their lives simpler, by having everything they need just a touch away, will put Verizon in a whole new division.
Mission Statement

At Verizon Communications Inc., we promise to give you a quality product that can make everyday task, a little bit easier to do. Verizon as a company wants you to experience something like never before. Things that you thought you couldn't do with a smartphone is now available in the palm of your hand. Verizon will stop at

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