Fur Trade Solution Essay

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Rhian Pritchard
Mrs. Moran
CAIII Hour 7
Making a Difference
The business of fur trade and the harsh practices of this business have been global issues for many decades. They have ruthless ways of killing animals like mink, foxes, and especially wild yak. It is estimated that the population of the wild yak in Qinghai, China has dropped from one 1 million to 75,000 in the past decade (Fang 38-39). This problem has been going on for too long and despite the laws and restrictions that most governments have set, still poachers hunt and kill animals illegally. There are many possible solutions to this problem that would help, but the most effective way would be to get donations and funding for non-profit organizations that can
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“All they did was set up a tent on the road into the reserve,” said a professor from Provincial University (Fang 38-39). Since 1990 the government of Qinghai has caught only 500 poachers even though there is about 5-6,000 poachers who hunt all over Qinghai (Jiunnu 9). Even thought the government is making an effort, there is still a lot of illegal poachers that need to be stopped. The government has more money to stop this awful practice but yet nonprofit organizations like the Wild Yak Brigade make more of an effort and a difference. The Wild Yak Brigade is a group of activists who are Tibetan warriors armed with guns and roam an 18,000 square foot radius ready to fend off any poachers who hunt Tibetan antelope (Fang 38-39). They are not funded by the government and they get their money from anyone who will donate to them and use it all on fending off these poachers. They have received two jeeps from a Chinese group called Friends of Nature and $10,000 dollars from the United States (Fang 38-39). The group Friends of Nature’s squad of 17 rangers regularly patrolled Hoh Xil, a nature reserve of more than 100,000 square kilometers in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, home to the antelope. Friends of Nature have also recently launched a campaign to save the Tibetan antelope. Friends of Nature have gained the support of many people including British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He told Friends of Nature that he “would be contacting British and European Union

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