Funding The Arts Or Sports? Essay

801 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
What is more important, funding the arts or sports? This is a tough choice that is very common in schools throughout the U.S. Most school boards would look at this question and quickly give the answer of, “Sports are more important because the majority of the school likes going to games and supporting the athletes. Art class is just a place for students to doodle, and most of them just take that class because they don’t have anything else to do.”
Even though not every student enjoy playing basketball or going to games, sports are still beneficial to have in schools and keep funded. Sports can give students things that art cannot. For example: people can get up and be active, can train you to make on the spot decisions, and develop some social skills that can help you in the future.
Studies have shown that people who participated in an organized sport have longer attention spans and are motivated to keep their grades up. After all, it’s a rule that you can only play if you pass all your classes. It is also more common for people who are interested in sports to realize that if they wish to get better at something they must keep practicing. Every athlete knows that to get better at shooting hoops you mustn’t give up, a life lesson that is extremely beneficial. Great teamwork skills and terrific health are the most common result of almost any athletic participation. To participate in team involved sports you have to not only be willing to but also know how to cooperate with…

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