Funding For The Final Frontier : Us Government Funding Manned Space Flight Missions

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Funding to the Final Frontier: US government funding manned space flight missions I have always wondered how stars would look like from a different planet. The universe around us is unknown and undiscovered. Investigating space could reveal answers to being alone in the universe. Governments all around the world want the achievement of space exploration. The US government should continue to fund manned space flight missions because it could lead to further research on space, the colonization of other planets, and peaceful collaboration with other nations. New inventions for interacting in space can be gained for funding manned space flight missions. There are several inventions gained from space exploration. The pinnacle of it being the International Space Station, “The ISS serves as a national lab for human health, biological, and material research” (Wiles 1). Astronauts are able to conduct experiments to enhance our understanding of space. Some experiments that can’t be completed on Earth can be achieved in space. New inventions stem from our curiosity of interacting with the world around us.
Curiosity about space gives the motivation to find innovative ways to gain research. More knowledge on space may answer the questions on how the universe began. The methodical use of the scientific method has made some people consider the actual logic behind the start of the universe. Although nothing is concrete, many scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory, “Experts, however,…

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