Funding For Public Higher Education Essay

1388 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Over the past three decades or so, the deterioration of support for public higher education has become hard to miss. Appropriations in federal and state funding have tanked. Tuition has soared. Loans are becoming more and more difficult to pay back, and the efforts made by legislation are seemingly ineffective. The costs of achieving a higher education and the neglection from our society have made students believe that an education is not attainable. Therefore, a bill much like Rep. Grayson’s, “College for All Act, would make changes to our Higher Education Act on loans, financial aid, and state funds to be made more readily available and simple, that would ensure a realistic education is guaranteed to our nation 's students.
Support for our nation 's students has deteriorated: loans, financial aid, and funds are becoming less and less available, leading our nation 's students to earn an education that is not justified. In some cases, universities are to blame for these increases, because they do not warrant the consequences of increasing tuition, “Washington and California approved tuition increases that seem gigantic…In-state rates for undergraduates went up by 30 percent at the University of Washington; by 32 percent at the University of California...” (Keller, 2011). Administrators and government officials don’t have to worry about these consequences because they aren’t a student. The decisions government and school administration faculty member make affect not only…

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