Funding For Fine Arts Programs Essay

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It is no secret that the arts are not funded enough in schools, but just how bad is it? Today, only around 80% of schools in the United States still have fine arts programs. The Great Recession of 2007 forced schools across the nation to cut spending, and unfortunately, funding was cut for fine arts programs. Only about 5% of schools still allocate funds for their fine arts programs every year. Fine arts education being improperly funded in public schools across America, results in students lacking the creative and social abilities that coincide with exposure to the fine arts. (Metla)
“Cutting the arts down […] is one of the worst things you could do, because the arts can stimulate the economy.” (Olsen). Around 70% of people say that they are better team players due to their time in an arts program (Olsen). Most people that have participated in the arts in their childhood, tend to be right-brained people, meaning that they are more creative and intuitive thinkers. 83% of people that make an average of $150,000 or higher each year, have been a part of some type of arts program while in school (Olsen). Being in arts programs helps students who are otherwise introverted, and lack social skills to be able to express themselves in a beautiful way. As Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the band Aerosmith, puts so eloquently, “Music expresses what cannot be put into words”. There are millions of children out there that have so much to be angry about, and no way to express it. The…

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