Fundamentals of Fragrance Assignment #1 Essay

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Valentina Cho
COSM 2350
Fundamentals of Fragrance Assignment #1

1. What is the dime sized patch in the upper air passages of the nose that give us our sense of smell?
A dime-size patch of olfactory membrane in each of the upper air passages of the nose contains the nerve endings that give us our sense of smell.

2. Where in the brain is the sense of smell first processed?
The sense of smell, however, is first processed in the limbic lobe, one of the oldest parts of the brain and the seat of sexual and emotional impulses.

3. Who pronounced smell the most unimportant of all the senses? Immanuel Kant pronounced smell the most unimportant of the senses and unworthy of cultivation.

4. Umeda hunters were reported to sleep
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Only perfumers inherited both strands of the alchemical traditions. What are they?
Apothecaries and other anonymous souls.

14. According to the book, what is the process of how to make a woman beautiful forever?
“Take a young raven from the nest; feed itm on hard eggs for forty days, kill it, and then distill it with myrtle leaves, tale and almond oil.

15. Who opened the first perfume shop in Paris, France?
Rene opened the first perfume shop in Paris.

16. In 1725, Johann Farina of Cologne Germany introduced what?
Introduced his famous Eau de Cologne, which was based on a mixture of citrus and herbal odors.

17. Who developed enfleurage and what is the process?
Frenchman Jacques Passy developed the technique of enfleurage, in which flower petals render their fragrance into a fatty pomade, from which a powerfully scented oil can be derived.

18. According to Stephan Jellinek, when did modern perfume came into being in Paris?
Modern perfume came into being in Paris between 1889 and 1921.

19. When was the first synthetic Jasmine introduced and by what essential oil supplier?
First synthetic Jasmine was introduced in 1898 by Schimmel.

20. Who was the first person to present fragrances in beautiful bottles?
Francois Coty.

21. What other ingenious idea did he have?
He also had another ingenious idea of allowing customers to sample perfumes before purchasing them.

22. In alchemy, attaining the absolute means what?
In alchemy, attaining the

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