Fundamentals Of Research Towards A Dissertation For A Doctorate

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The Fundamentals of Research

The purpose of this paper is to examine the fundamentals of research towards a dissertation for a doctorate. In the examination will be a discussion of doctoral research that embraces my goals for my research. In that view, I integrate the concepts of validity and reliability and the function of critical thinking and logic.
According to Paul Leedy and Jeanne Ormrod (2013), research can be defined as a procedure of discovering the answers for the issue after an exhaustive study and examination of the situational components. Pure Research, also called fundamental research, requires gathering information, analyzing the data, determining the factors that are associated with the problem, and solving it by taking the necessary corrective measures. Understanding the fundamentals of research is important because those fundamentals will serve as a foundation for an individual’s research. As a researcher, you must think critically and logically during the research process, which will help ensure the individual research is both valid and reliable. Research is a term with many connotations.
Doctoral research is a long and once in a while challenging methodology that includes years of study, experimentation and gathering of information. Luckily, an augmenting number of actualizes are accessible to minimize the anxiety and approval the single person to the more dominant find, hoard and arrange information. A large portion of these are accessible for…

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