Fundamentalism and Inerrancy of Scripture Essay

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Inerrancy as an Issue in the Fundamentalist Movement: 1900 to the Present."

A Paper Submitted to Dr. Homer Massey In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course History of Christianity II CHHI 525

By, Johnny walker


Fundamentalism is a type of religious reaction to all forms of modernity. Within Christianity this phenomenon is mostly characteristic of Protestantism but is also found in Catholicism. In fact, the term fundamentalism was coined in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only toward the end of that century that the term began to be applied to some
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Fundamentalists claim orthodoxy, but they have a tendency to choose doctrines and practices that they qualify as fundamental. Feeling threatened by the destructive forces of modernity, they avidly grab at anything that might help them eliminate the threat to their faith and their personal and social identity.

Being determined to defend themselves, fundamentalists take their position from a particular document (most often the Bible), which serves them as a rule to discern what is really "fundamental." They have a tendency to constitute separate groups and clearly distinguish themselves, sometimes even in a Manichean way, from the rest of the Christians and the world around them. They leave no territory for agreement with others and no room for moderates. "True believers" find the moderates a lot more dangerous than the moderns or the "unfaithful." Equipped with their principles, they apply Law’s command: fight for God. They consider themselves specially chosen to accomplish the divine designs while confidently approaching the apocalyptic end of history. Indeed, moderate evangelical, Pentecostal, and conservative movements are more popular than the fundamentalists; still, the fundamentalists have been thriving in the times of secular and ecclesiastic upheaval that are centered on the end of the second millennium. They appear authoritative to people who do not know what to hope for and easily accept

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