Functions Of The Human Eye

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The Human Eye
One of the most composite and magnificent parts in the body is the human eye. Through eyes, people are able to visually see the world, and all of its wonders and spectacles. In the human body, “eyes are the second most complex organ in the body only behind the brain” (Butler, 2015). All over the world, people have various eye shapes, eye colors, and eye visions. However, unfortunately, there are some people who were either born blind or became blind due to the effects of old age or some of the more tragic diseases that can occur. In the United States, “an estimated 1.1 million people are said to be legally blind” (ReferralMD, 2016). Functions of the Eye
The best way to understand how the eye works, is to compare it to a camera. Practically, the eye works just like a camera in which it “collects, focuses, and transfers light through a lens, and produces a picture
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This device is sometimes referred to as the bionic eye since it is an impressive and revolutionary piece of technology that can make people who have lost their eyesight see again. First, “a tiny retinal implant is put into the human eye, and then later, a gadget is put onto the human body. With the small retinal implant, it receives radio messages and transfers these messages to the brain through the optic nerve. The device acts as a stimulator, in which it is set up at any position in the visual pathway to electrically stimulate neurons and retinal cells” (Ranjakumar, Rahana, and Lalith, 2016). Basically the device must be on, and worn at all times in order to stimulate those retinal cells and neurons in able to produce the visual sights these people are looking at. In our history, there have been a few types of artificial retina device that have been developed and tested in

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