Essay about Functions Of The Cell Cycle

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The cell cycle is vital process cells go through in order to grow and divide. The cell cycle consists of two main stages, interphase and mitotic phase. During interphase, it is important for the cells to obtain nutrients needed to grow and produce copies of DNA. There are three phases of interphase, G1 (G= Gap), S (S= Synthesis), and G2 (G= Gap). Mitotic phase consists of two major events in the cycle, one being when the cell splits in two, a procedure called cytokinesis, and another other is when the nucleus divides, a procedure called mitosis. Certain genes can alter the cell cycle process. The three genes observed during the experiment each have an evident effect of the cell cycle. Checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) is essential in cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation and the overall survival of the cell. Cyclin B (CLB3) helps trigger Cdc28 to stimulate the G2/M transition. There are not a lot of studies involving HUG1. The experiment tests the cell growth characteristics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S. cerevisiae) mutant strain using a variety of biological techniques. The hypothesis of the experiment is that CHK1 mutant will show an increase in cell growth, CLB3 mutant will show a decrease in cell growth, and HUG1 mutant will show no sign of cell growth. Using the results from counting the cells and extraction the RNA, a PCR technique was used to identify the mutant strain. After observing the PCR gel, the CHK1 showed a decrease primer indicating that CHK1 has the…

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