Functions Of Membrane Transport

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Page: 120

5. Barrier formation is only one function of the cell membrane. Describe some other functions of the membrane and discuss how the membrane is suited for those functions.
Answer: Membranes function in processing energy transformation and in the organization of chemical reactions. Integral and peripheral proteins contribute to these functions. The membrane serves as a holding site for the catalytic enzymes associated with these processes.
Textbook Reference: 6.6 What Are Some Other Functions of Membranes?
Page: 124–125


1. Which statement about membrane phospholipids is not true?
a. They associate to form bilayers.
b. They have hydrophobic “tails.”
c. They have hydrophilic “heads.”
d. They give the membrane fluidity.
e. They flip-flop readily from one side of the membrane to the other.
Answer: e

2. When a hormone molecule binds to a specific protein on the plasma membrane, the protein it binds to is called a
a. ligand.
b. clathrin.
c. receptor
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carbohydrates; glycoproteins; glycolipids
e. nucleotides; ATP; GTP
Answer: d
Textbook Reference: 6.1 What Is the Structure of a Biological Membrane?
Page: 110
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6. In animals, cell recognition
a. involves glycolipids.
b. is mediated by the lipid bilayer.
c. involves soluble proteins.
d. involves proteins in plasma membranes.
e. is usually heterotypic.
Answer: d
Textbook Reference: 6.2 How Is the Plasma Membrane Involved in Cell Adhesion and Recognition?
Page: 111
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7. The _______ of animal cells resemble the _______ of plant cells.
a. tight junctions; plasma membrane
b. gap junctions; plasmodesmata
c. desmosomes; plasmodesmata
d. gap junctions; plasma membrane
e. tight junctions; plasmodesmata
Answer: b
Textbook Reference: 6.2 How Is the Plasma Membrane Involved in Cell Adhesion and Recognition?
Page: 113
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8. Which of the following molecules do you think would diffuse across a phospholipid bilayer fastest, assuming that there are no proteins associated with the bilayer. (Hint: Keep in mind the nature of the interior of the bilayer.)
a. H2O
b. NH4+
c. CH3COO–
d. NH3
e. Na+

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