Essay about Functions And Form Of Architecture

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N Xiehao Li
Architectural Studies 3600
Dr. Schwarz

Function and Form
Writing Assignment # 3

In history, for a long time, human having a long time to figure out ourselves in what position of the nature. Religion provides a long history of figuration to those folks. Finally, with the developing of technology, people eager to find out more reasonable solution to our position, our sense of this universe. Renaissance, revolution, technology and philosophy all happens through the history in all kind of area. In Architecture, this revolution starts in late 18th through many philosopher, and bring a lot solution to the question: what the relationship to the function and form in Architecture. Function follows the form or the form follows the Function, is the questions in building theory. First, what is the function? And what is the form? Function is about use, the space that basic needs for the human activity. The form means, appearance, shape and structure that in aesthetic. So here is a chart*1, in that chart, we find out, function is the main consideration. Louis Sullivan published the book the tall building artistically considered. And pointed out that “form ever follows function”. This thought culmination of the five decades of the city Chicago.
Chart 1. In 18th, the population of Chicago rapidity increased from 30,000 to 300,000. Despite the Great fire in Chicago, Chicago civilians need to rebuild city. So the new methods coming out as it needs. In economy reason,…

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