Essay Functionalist Theory Of The Human Mind

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The human mind is a very confusing thing that has yet to be fully understood even with today 's technological advances. Over the past few centuries the understanding the human mind has increased significantly and the advances psychology have completely changed the field. There are many extraordinary theorist that contributed to the understandings and theories psychologist know today.

William James, born in 1842 and died in 1910, the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. He developed the theory of Functionalism, which is the idea that the mind is more than just made up of conscious elements but looks into “why behavior and mental processes worked in particular way.” (pg. 12). It was believed that behavior is purposeful and contributing to society (pg. 12). The continuity is still strong today where many have abandoned introspection and nearly every psychologist is functionalist. Functionalism was developed in America (a true American idea) and incorporates all types of research in it that wouldn’t be considered “scientific” or “normal”. The major innovation functionalism has brought about is the study of psychology in animals which has led to the better understanding of the animals, ourselves and the world as a whole. The biggest problem with functionalism is that it’s very unconventional compared to the scientific method. Structuralist often argue there is no true definition of functionalism and there is no hard hitting evidence compared to the…

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