Functionalist Perspective On The Family Essay

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Register to read the introduction… He argued that the modern nuclear family emerged because of the rise in private ownership of property based on soical class relations between the Bourgerisie and the Proletriat which means the only way to trace ancestry was through monogamous marriage and the male line. The family are here to provide the next generation that will become workers, the family is a source of labour. Also through socialisation the family instils capitalist ideology into the norms and values of the members, the family role is similar to that of the media, religion and education in justifying the inequality of the capitalist society.
Functionalist views are that the family perform functions such as reproduction; socialisation; care, protection, and emotional support. Murdock's four main functions for the family are Sexual, Education, Reproduction and Economic. The family need to provide these different functions to survive. For functionalists, the family creates well-integrated members of society by instilling the social culture into

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