Functionalist Perspective On Social Consensus Essay

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Of the three prominent sociological perspectives, I have chosen to cover the functionalist perspective for this paper. According to functionalism, society is a system of interconnected parts that work together to maintain peace and equivalence. Functionalists believe society is held together by social consensus in which the members of society comply to and work to achieve, what is best for society altogether. I chose this perspective because I identify with it and find this perspective to be very interesting. This perspective became popular in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties, Robert Merton and Emile Durkheim were big functionalist in this perspective. Emile Durkheim had a big impact on social consensus, which will be discussed more thoroughly throughout this paper. Sociological Perspective’s Paper
There are three sociological perspectives, which consist of: the functionalism perspective, the conflict theory perspective, and the symbolic interaction perspective. Functionalism interprets each part of society in terms of how it contributes to the stability as a whole (Robert Merton and Talcott Parsons were active in the functionalism perspective). Conflict theory emphasizes the role of coercion and power in society. It also emphasizes the ability of some to influence and control others (Dahrendorf and 1959; Mills 1956 were part of the conflict theory). Symbolic interaction emphasized immediate social interaction as the place where society exists (Bulmer 1969;…

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