Functionalist Perspective, Conflict Perspective And Interactionism Theory

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A family is “a group of people who are related to each other” (Merriam-Webster). Sociologist would not agree with this definition considering there are many families and in these families, not everyone is related. Sociologists define a family as “two or more individuals who maintain an intimate relationship that they expect to last indefinably-or in the case of parent and child, until the child reaches adulthood-who usually live under the same roof and pool their incomes and household labor.” (Cherlin 2010:14) This is a more modern day definition considering it includes homosexuals and heterosexuals who are both apart of the foundation of society. There are many types of families in today’s society, such as, blended families, one parent families, traditional families, homosexual families, adoptive parent families and even grandparent reared families. This paper will be analyzing these families and explaining how my family doesn’t exactly fit into any of these categories. It will describe how functionalist perspective, conflict perspective and interactionism theory …. My family consists of my step dad, mom, brother, sister, step sister, my good friends and all my animals. I could be classified as a blended family, but not exactly because I consider my pets and absolute friends as apart of the family. Not all of these people are blood related to me. Obviously, my animals and friends are not. But my friends act as if they were my parents child and my parents act as if they…

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