Functionalist Approach On Domestic Violence Essay

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Positivist Paradigm Positivist acknowledge that there is a need for research on why some turn to domestic violence during a dispute, disagreement, or bad day, while others deal with these problems differently. This perspective uses behavior and the influence of this behavior to answer this question. Also unlike the classical perspective this perspective considers many more factors that can affect a potential offender to offend, and a past offender to reoffend. Explaining domestic violence offender’s actions in terms of factors that indirectly affect their choices. Positivist would consider addressing domestic violence by focusing on curing the offender instead of punishing them (Cullen, Agnew, & Wilcox, 2014). The first task of the positivist would be to find the factor(s) that led or influenced the offender to turn to violence. Once the factor(s) have been found the offender would be led to a program or treatment, which will address the factor(s). Factors can range from biological traits (ex. genetics) to psychological traits (ex. personality), although these factors can influence an individual’s behavior there is no known trait that directly leads someone towards domestic violence. However, if there is a way to identify and treat the trait that may have caused an offender to turn to domestic violence it should be used. Along with the previous traits, other positivist may see one’s social environment as an issue and a way to address domestic violence. This umbrella…

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