Functionalism Vs. Conflict Theory Essay

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Functionalism vs. Conflict Theory There are four known sociological theories and or theoretical perspective, and they are structural functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, and feminism. These theories explain various aspects of social life through different perspective (OpenStax College 17). Some of the theories might view social life in a micro perspective, macro perspective or even both and each view might be completely opposing to each other, but it also has its pros and cons depending on the situation being viewed. With that said, I want to focus on two of these theoretical perspective, structural functionalism and conflict theory, and the differences and similarities on how these two theories view social life, and its pros and cons. Between the two theories, one might prefer one theory more than the other in some cases because of the way a situation is explained. To begin, it is essential to inform a little background about when each theory became well known, dominant and preferred by society. Huaco mentioned in his article that functionalism prevailed between 1950s and 1960s, which was around the Second World War; nevertheless, its power declined in 1970s (34). This was due to the criticism made towards functionalism regarding how it “…could not adequately explain the many rapid social changes…” (OpenStax College 19). Once functionalism was no longer in society’s favor, conflict theory came about “…in late 50s in the 20th century…” and, “… [Conflict…

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