Functionalism Theory Of Society And The Way Individuals Interact With Each Other

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In order to comprehend society and the way individuals interact with each other, sociologist, psychologist, anthropologist and many other scholars in the social sciences branch work together to create numerous theories to understand these interactions. By analyzing human behavior, creating studies, and doing research, sociologist have been able to break down the understanding of societal interactions into four theoretical perspectives; Functionalism, Conflict theory, Symbolic interaction, and Cultural theory. Functionalism demonstrates the structure of society however the conflict theory focuses on the conflict and feud within society.

The theory of societal equilibrium was developed steadily and received acknowledgment during the 1950’s. Many sociologist contributed and enhanced the functionalism theory such as Anthony Giddens and Radcliffe-Brown but the origin of functionalism comes from Emilie Durkheim. Durkheim questioned the stability of society and thus rose the theory. Functionalism is the idea that society is a structure that consist of multiple parts that function together creating an equilibrium. Each part of this structure is interdependent of each other and any change to a part will require the entire system to adapt to the change. As stated in Sociology 101 lecture “Functionalism suggest that social actions are best explained in terms of the function they perform and contribution they make to society”.

It’s best to understand functionalism as a car. The car…

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