Functionalism In Education Essay

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An Example of Functionalism: Education One example of functionalism happening in the world today is public education. In the United States, education is a State and local responsibility. To illustrate, the Department of Education was created “In 1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems” (Anon 2012). According to the article of the U.S Department of Education (Anon 2012), it states and communities as well as public and private organizations that establishes schools and colleges to develop criteria, determine requirements for enrollment and graduation for students (Anon 2012). To confirm the contribution, “an estimated $1.15 trillion being spent nationwide on education …show more content…
Not only the subjects but also learning to have discipline, morals, and critical thinking. He would do this all the up to twelfth grade or college if he chose to. Yet, people should think how this ten year-old boy was able to get his education. Such as how did this boy’s school get all of the funds? Or how will his learning expectation help him through life? With these type of questions is what Durkheim covered in his theory of functionalism. The way how society keeps a balance and the survival of society. In other words, to study how people can live with a group of people or without a group. Also studying the social solidarity of groups, whether a social group or community stay in a mechanical solidarity or go into an organic solidarity. Even though our society today does not run a traditional society like an Amish community, it runs as a mechanical solidarity way where people would have to rely on each other in order for the system and people to survive. The same idea where schools in the United States would have to depend on the State taxes and the Department of Education in order for the schools to have funds and for children to stay in school. The schools in general are institutions as part of society so that children can go to schools to become scholars and face the real

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