Research Paper On Domestic Violence

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Current Even Paper: Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is the violation within the home especially between the spouses or partners. As days passing, it is turning into a bigger issue, not only because it is occurring more, but also because it is having a significant impact on one’s life. Though, it is typically physical abuse to a spouse or partner, it affects psychologically, perhaps more than physical affects. Domestic violence has no restriction, because it happens within any ages, any religion, any ethnical background, and any economical level. Though, women are usually the victims of domestic violence more, it happens to men as well. Men are usually abused verbally and emotionally, but surprisingly, men are also abused physically in some
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In other words, what actually causes domestic violence? Though, there are many big reason behind domestic violence, the most common reasons are misunderstanding, jealousy, wealth, and lack of experience. In a home, understanding between two partners is very important for a stable relationship. Lack of understanding causes doubt between two partners and eventually ends up in a breakup of a relationship. However, when things go worst from lack of understanding, it causes the domestic violence. Jealousy is another factor in a relationship causes the domestic violence. If one partner feels jealous about other partner, it causes him or her to hate his or her partner and once the hatred begins, it ends up in a domestic violence eventually. Another most common reason behind domestic violence is wealth or economical level. Lack of wealth often causes many problems in a family not only between spouses or partners, but also between brothers, sisters, and even parents. When someone don’t get enough money to support the family or to support himself, he or she expects his partner, spouse, or other family member to get money for him and when a partner or family member fails to do that, it makes the situation worst and for a partner or spouse, it results in domestic violence especially men do that to women often. In country like Bangladesh, a typical poor man expects his spouse to get him money from his spouse’s father or brother or other family members. When his spouse doesn’t do that or fails to do that, she becomes the victim of domestic violence. And, it is perhaps the most common reason behind domestic violence in country like Bangladesh. Lastly, lack of experience is also a common reason behind domestic violence. For a happy relationship, experience plays a big role because it takes time for a couple to get comfortable with each other and understand

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