Functionalism And Conflict Theory

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In order to comprehend society and the way individuals interact with each other, sociologist, psychologist, anthropologist and many other scholars in the social sciences branch work together to create numerous theories to understand these interactions. By analyzing human behavior, creating studies, and doing research, sociologist have been able to break down the understanding of societal interactions into four theoretical perspectives; Functionalism, Conflict theory, Symbolic interaction, and Cultural theory. Functionalism demonstrates the structure of society however the conflict theory focuses on the conflict and feud within society.

The theory of societal equilibrium was developed steadily and received acknowledgment during the 1950’s.
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It received its acknowledgement in the 1960’s. This theory was solemnly focused on the ideas created by Karl Marx who’s best known for Marxism. Marx believed that there was a social conflict within the individuals in a society. An imbalance in the societal equilibrium. The conflict theory focused on possibly conflict and feuds that would arise between the social classes due to inequality in power and wealth. Those with power and money wanted to maintain it and those who were “poor” wanted better wages and hours. This inequality resulted in the individuals of the lower class to want change because they become unhappy with their social state. Those of power become the “Thesis” and those without power become “antithesis”, the desire of change will conclude in the powerless rebelling and the powerful needing to compromise resulting in …show more content…
Barack Obama became the 44th president and has served 2 terms in the oval office. This historical event has changed society in a myriad ways. From social interactions to racism and the power being obtained , the amount of changes caused by this can be explained through the two theoretical perspectives discussed. Functionalism in modern day consist of the same basic elements. Our society is built of parts such as institutions that make up the structure, within these parts is the government. Obama’s presidency has allowed for the structure within society to stay intact. He continues to lead our country as all other parts of the structure depend on him to do so. This allows for the cycle of interdependency and equilibrium that functionalism demonstrates. The conflict theory demonstrates that Obama’s position in office allows him to hold power in our country, one of the most highest powers of all. This inequality between the population and the president may cause conflict due to the population’s inability to hold power over how they live in the country they live in. This then causes synthesis, the government allows the population to hold power in selecting who will lead the country by popular demand. Though these theories were created based on the way society interacted in the mid 1900’s its evident that these theories can still be applied to modern day

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