Functionalism : A Social Problem Essay

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Functionalism is one of three major social theories that focus on a particular part of a social problem. Functionalists think of society as a machine; every part of the society machine has its own function. When everything is running properly in the machine, then there is equilibrium of society. When it comes to functionalism, sometimes parts of society do not work properly. This is referred to as a dysfunction. These dysfunctions can vary in size and importance. If a dysfunction is immense and long lasting, this can create a dilemma for other parts in society. Functionalist concepts can also be defined as beneficial consequences of people’s actions. These functions can either be manifest or latent. Manifest function is an action that is intended to do well within the system while a latent function is a consequence that helps the unintended part of the social system. Functionalism is intended for people to see something and how it is related in other parts of the system.
Family violence is a broad range spectrum that can range from violence upon children to violence against the elderly. Family are the people who are supposed to love and support each other, however family is sometimes plagued with violence and cruelty. Family violence, also referred to as domestic violence and spousal violence, is a pattern of violent behaviors intended to cause harm, committed by one spouse upon the other. The extent of family violence in the United States is so common that they had to…

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