Essay on Functional Areas Interface Functional Area

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Functional Area Interface Functional Area
Project Management The entertainment center is to analyze the core competency, the economic externals and environment of the business, behavior of the competitors, as well as external and internal factors or forces similarities.
Management for Architecture Neko – Paradise Café is to design layout to graph out once the Project manager has been vested in time while at Japan.
Management for Construction Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, and Design undertakings.
Plan to Finance Accounting of Project Management is to purchasing land, and to offset the equipment and facilities budget, acquiring materials, along with budget the contractor.
Plan for Resource Material Working relationships and Vendor quality standards. Neko – Paradise Café is to plan and manage inventories with a computerized system as well as order materials when necessary.
Plan for Marketing Distribution, Promotion, Pricing, and Strategies.
Management for Human Resource Forecasting and Planning development, training, contracts, and personnel organization.
Control of Project Quality Every maintenance are routinely performed and inspection system to ensure internal checks are performed routinely daily. Track and Manage Project

To monitor Neko – Paradise Café project information, time computation is to complete the project to forecast the schedule of the project. Neko – Paradise Café is to obtain completion of their estimates with the performance…

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