Functional Area Business Paper

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Introduction When it comes to business success, managers are an essential part. They play many different parts. According to an article by K. Cieslinska entitled “The Basic Roles of Manager in Business Organization”, as sited from R.W. Griffin (2000), a manager is the person responsible for realization of management process and makes plans, decisions, organizes, supervises and controls human, finances and information resources (Cieslinska 2007). Another view of what a manager is taken from A. Pocztowski, also cited in Cieslinska’s article suggest that managers are charged with “the art of reaching goals by proper using the finance, material and human resources” (Cieslinska 2007). Sometimes they act as a “go-between” for employees …show more content…
A production manager oversee the production process and makes the production schedule, sees to cost effectiveness, and ensures that merchandise is produced on time and that the quality holds up to company standards amongst other duties.
• Research and Development (R & D). Innovation is a must for a company to keep up with the needs of consumers. The R & D functional area is responsible for developing new products and making improvements on current products. R & D needs will depend on the company’s products. For example, Starbucks may create a new line of gourmet coffee. The responsibilities of a R & D manager would be research, design and development of new products or prototypes and meet the company needs, keeping in mind that best new products that will bring in the most revenue.
• Administration. Administration is a requirement of all organizations. This functional area includes preparing and filing documents, routing mail, sending out emails and faxes to appropriate parties, i.e. The role of a manager would be to support administrative roles by supervising the staff, planning and organization, the execution of the administrative goals of the company.
• Customer Service. It is important for a business to have trained customer service representatives to answer questions, concerns, or complaints from the

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