Two Types Of Forensic Science

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Forensic science is an application of all types of science field, especially chemistry to help with the investigation that related to law or crime. It is approved aspect to be applied in a court or law. In this field, forensic scientist plays an important role to help in the investigation. The function of forensic scientist can be classified into three parts that are:
1. As a crime scene investigator
As a crime scene investigator (CSI), a forensic scientist involve in collecting the evidences. There are two types of physical evidences that will be analyzed by the forensic scientists, that are the evidences that collected by the scientist itself and the evidences that collected by another party such as police officers, hospital or any other
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As a laboratory analyst
Every forensic scientist has two main roles that are; undergo tests on evidences to produce a conclusion, and to be a witness in the court by effective communication with the lawyers and the judge. The second role will be explained later.

The evidence that preserved by the CSI will be analyzed by laboratory analysts using the most recent or modern methods and principles. They actually have the biggest role in the laboratory. The evidences also received from another party, such has been mentioned before. They have to submit the evidence to the laboratory together with an application form stated the details of the evidence such as exhibit label, summary details on the exhibit and the type of test or analysis that they want to apply on the
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For example, a big blanket. The evidence is adequately just cutting a small piece of the part to be analyzed than the whole blanket to be sent to the lab. There is no way to preserve or store the evidence in the forensic lab because it is space consuming and they may have many cases related to the same evidence.

The methods of experiment or analysis of evidence used have become an important aspect of an investigation. This is because, the methods used can also be questioned in the trial court that may cause the test carried out to become unqualified as a proof. If this happened, the accused that is the real criminal may be released from the sentence.

3. As an expert witness
After the analysis of evidence is done, the laboratory analyst has to prepare a report with four copies, one for reference, one for defense, and two for prosecutor. Forensic scientist no need to defend all the reports in the court. They have to attend the trial for a certain cases if necessary. For example the serious crime that the case report is not complete or not able to be delivered to certain party for about 10 days before the

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