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PSY 102 — Psychology in the Modern World
Instructor: Bob Melara
Fall 2012

Due Date: Monday, October 15th, 2012, by 5 pm on **Blackboard**

Critical Thinking using Psychological Science

The Learning Alliance for Higher Education, an educational consulting firm based at the University of Pennsylvania, was hired by City College in 2011 to investigate and make recommendations for improving undergraduate retention and graduation at the College. Even though most City College students receive financial assistance, have decent high school grades, and live at home with their parents – factors that should contribute to good graduation rates – in fact, currently only 7% of students admitted to the College graduate from it
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(5 pts). b. Describe the relationship between retention at City College and the numbers of courses students take and receive credit for each semester. Why would the number of courses taken affect retention? (5 pts). c. Use the relationships you have described in the second paragraph to develop a hypothesis about the role of background preparation for college in explaining dropout. (5 pts).

3. Begin the third paragraph of the paper with these sentences: “The retention problem may also be due in part to the reasons students come to study at City College, which has a lower retention and graduation rate than other senior colleges within CUNY. For example, many students come to City College to become engineering or pre-med majors.”

a. Describe the relationship between students’ preferences for CUNY colleges and retention. (5 pts). b. How do engineering or pre-med majors fare here compared with other majors at the College? (5 pts). c. Describe how student preferences and area of major might jointly explain low retention at City College (hint: return to your hypothesis about background preparation for college). (5 pts).

4. Begin the fourth paragraph of the paper with these sentences: “One limitation of the report by The Learning Alliance is in the research strategy they used, which focused on associations between retention rates and a set of academic factors such as demographics and performance.”

a. Name three

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