Full-time and Life Essay

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1. Identify some of the challenges that Chris Gardner faced when trying to sell his bone density scanners.

There are many challenges that Chris Gardner faces selling the bone density scanners. The scanner represents many things to Chris. Firstly it represents money. Chris' challenge is to sell his scanners to help fund his and his son's life whilst he is completing his intership at Dean Witter. Secondly, the scanners represent a burden for Chris. They symbolise the challenges he had to ovecome in his life, in order for him gto move forward and establish a new life after the internship where he will have the financial stability to offer a better life for his son. The scanners represent many challenges, but they also offer hope.

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Some of those unpleasant things involved his father getting into arguements and disagreements over money, places to stay the night and having to see how his father struggles to provide for his family and Christopher having to put up without having a mother when she left him and his father.

7. List some of the alternatives that Chris and his son could have done to make their life better.

Some of the alternatives that Chris could have done to make his life along with his son's life is that he probably could have tried to go for a place at a part time job for the time being to earn a little money while or instead of trying to get a job at Dean Witter. Chris and his wife could have thought through their idea of buying into the bone density scanner company and done something else to help finance their lives.

8. Explain how Chris felt at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Chris felt and expressed many different emotions throughout the film.

In the beginning Chris felt frustrated at times, annoyed, stressed and most of all unhappy, this was because of the debt they were in and all the bills that they needed to pay that were left unpaid.

During the middle of the film Chris started to feel like he was starting to tackle all the issues and was starting to feel better about his situation. He was starting to get ontop of his bills and his hassles bit by bit.

Toward the end of the film Chris was

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