Fukuyama And Huntington : The Cold War Essay

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Fukuyama and Huntington both have different views on the global structure of the world. Specifically, after the cold war has ended and how to view the world afterwards. Fukuyama views the end of the cold was as the end of history with Liberal Democracy as the last form of government whereas Huntington views the end of the Cold war as the beginning of the war of culture especially with regards to a war of culture over religion and common identity. Therefore, Fukyuma’s work seems to conclude in an almost utopian view of society whereas Huntington describes a major crisis in world power that will not necessarily get better.

Fukuyama articulates how the ending of the cold war symbolizes the end of history. The end of history means the end of any new form of government structure as Liberal democracy is left as the one and only solution to that question. He explains how the main two competitors to Liberal democracy, Communism and Fascism, are both no longer available alternatives. Fascism was destroyed by World War II in that people saw it wasn’t a viable alternative since the countries with that ideology lost the war and were left devastated like Japan after it was hit with atom bombs. He believes that communism is no longer an option because communism’s main gripe about a Liberal democracy is the issue of capital and labor, but according to Fukuyama, Liberal democracies do not have that dilemma anymore. Furthermore, Communism is not existent in any major state as…

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