Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Was Caused By Chain Of Events Essay

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster The Fukushima nuclear disaster was caused by chain of events early March of 2011. On the morning of the 11th there was a 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the Pacific coast of Japan. The Tohoku earthquake caused a 128 meter tsunami which hit the eastern coast of Japan. During the events of the earthquake and tsunami the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant suffered heavy equipment failures. These equipment failures lead to three of six reactors melting down and another that was severely damaged in a hydrogen explosion. The three reactors melted down due to the tsunami wiping out the Emergency Diesel Generators(EDG). The purpose of the EDGs were to supply backup power to run the cooling systems in the event of an earthquake. Since the tsunami went over the plant’s seawall it wiped out the EDGs which caused the reactors to be unable to cool themselves. Reactor one melted down at a temperature of 2300 degrees Celsius. On March 12th there was an explosion in reactor building one which weakened the building’s integrity. According to a nuclear industry official the explosion was caused by hydrogen building up inside the reactor and then being ignited by an unknown source. On March 14th reactor two was reported to have had problems with the cooling system and had problems keeping fuel rods submerged in sea water to keep them cool. A day later there was an explosion inside the building and radiation was reported to be over the legal limit. It was stated…

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