Fuel The School For Prison Pipeline Essay

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Shool fuel the school to prison pipeline

In 2016 1.2 million children were expelled or suspended from school for violent or non violent offenses while attending school school. The majority of the offenses were non violent offenses that are handled just as harshly as violent school infractions due to zero tolerance laws . The easy will show how such how zero tolerance laws and bad schools are failing thousands of minority students and fueling the school to prison pipeline.

Definition of the school to prison pipe lien according to the national civil. Liberties union “ The school to prison pipeline refers to policies and practices that push our nations schoolchildren, especially most at risk minority black and Latino students, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems” by way of harsh discriminatory zero tolerance dsciplinary policies and practices that treat non-violent a as well as violent offenses equally when it comes to expelling and suspending mostly minority students.(www.aclu.org)

Bad schools

Zero tolerance laws
Zero tolerance laws are enforcement policies that started in the 2008 as early as the its “ kids for casH” scandal of 2008 and later after the comlubine shooting the law went state wide as a means to keep school students safe from violent school chilren who carry guns, knives and other dangerous weapons. Since the implementation of of zero tolerance laws the incarceration rates rose from roughly 500,000. To 2.3 million with…

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