Destruction Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Frustrated love story-- the Death of an Illusion
We've all had a dream and strived for them, but the reality is cruel and there is a threshold always hindering it all. The protagonist of the book--Gatsby until his death was deeply in love with Daisy. A lot of people think he is sad, because he pursued a dream with nothing. But he needed a reality, a Daisy, a love he thought he had suspended. But it seems to be one of the real and virtual, Daisy is real, and Gatsby's pursuit of love dream is as elusive as he is a person of extraordinary powers likes the small green light in the other side of his house. Daisy’s heartless leave, Gatsby's murder, cold funeral... Gatsby's elaboration gets nothing and his pursuit of a dream is just short but beautiful
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Represented by Gatsby's underlying characters of consumption, on the surface into the upper class, but in fact they are difficult to become a really polite person. This is the reason of the bursting of the American dream. His performance of the consumption is based on imitation, which is caused by his innate sense of inferiority. He made up his past embodies this complex inferiority, which makes him only in the upper society find his psychological ownership. He really loves Daisy, and at the expense of everything he can do for her. To others it is very rare, but it seems to Daisy is insignificant. She never worried about material life and what she wants is just a kind of stimulus. Gatsby becomes a tool she used to stimulate Tom. There is such a scene in the movie: they were a line of people in a room in New York talking about Daisy and Gatsby's relations. Tom’s saying stimulated Gatsby, and finally his reaction was fierce. The sense of inferiority that he never could get rid of the inherited from the ancestor's color, dialect, accent, habits, customs, lifestyle and behavior which brought a variety of discomfort, and as a result, he made it difficult to integrate into society. Gatsby can imitate but it is

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