Fruit and Vegetables Essay

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Q.Give your views on the in-store retailing of fruit and vegetables taking into account the high perishability and competitive pricing for F & V, in organised sector retail stores/formats such as Reliance Fresh (Reliance Retail), Food World (Dairy Farm)and More in Indian metro cities?
Storage of fruit and vegetables

The storage of fruits and vegetables in a store is to extend the life. Storage helps in reducing biochemical change in fresh F&V. Cold storage slows down the growth of contaminating micro organisms. After harvest season they can achieve higher sale.
Controlled atmosphere in cold store:
To extend the life of crop cold, stores reduces the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. It slows down spoiling of F
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Flotation washing exploits the difference in the density of foods to separate contaminants. Foods that float in water (especially fruits or root crops), are separated from contaminating soil, stones or rotten crops that sink.

There are 4 different types of hydro coolers.
1 Batch hydro coolers have bins of produce loaded into an enclosure and chilled water is sprayed over the product, collected, re- cooled and recycled.
2 Conveyor hydro-cooling, pass containers of produce under a shower of chilled water a conveyor belt. However, because of the higher cost, this equipment must operate for long periods in a year to be economically justified.
3 in immersion hydro-coolers, crates of produce are by a submerged conveyor through a large chilled water. 4 truck hydro coolers, involves loading produce into an enclosed trailer and inserting perforated pipes above the load. These produce shower of chilled water, re-cooled and recycled. After cooling,pipes are removed and the produce is transported.
There are many cooling equipment are available commercially. These are designed for high production rates and expensive.

Operation of a cold store:
Packing systems: To load and unload products easily and safely a packing system is required in store. Under this system a more complicated system using rack and trays. The store lay out needs to be simple and clearly understood by operators so that product

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