Fructose By Dr Lustig

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Dr. Lustig’s talk about how fructose is basically a poison was something that I never heard before. I have heard that we should limit our sugar intake, but I did not know that fructose was so bad for you. Dr. Lustig believes that sugar is a poison based on observations of current obesity trends, especially in children, and based on the pathways of the chemical breakdowns of different types of sugar. He shows the different pathways that glucose, ethanol and fructose are broken down and the similarities between fructose and ethanol are shocking. Fructose is completely broken down by the liver because our body is unable to break it down anywhere else. That is the whole reason people believe alcohol is so bad for you, and they consider it a poison. …show more content…
Lustig believes that the governments poor policy making and unwillingness to admit how bad fructose is for our body has contributed to our addiction to sugar. He believes that since there is so much money in exporting American food around the world that if the government admitted how bad all the fructose was then no other countries would buy it. He also believes that the reason fructose is in almost all the food we can buy is because it is cheap, and cheap food guarantees stability within the government. President Nixon realized that if food prices are low and people can eat they will be happy and more willing to reelect him. Another problem he associates with the government is the push to reducing dietary fat which they thought would help with obesity, but they failed to realize or refused to admit fructose is metabolized into fat. Dr. Lustig believes that the solution to this sugar addiction is trying to limit fructose consumption. He really pushes to stay away from sugary drinks like soda, juice, and sport drinks. He also wants people to increase fiber uptake because as a society we do not get nearly enough …show more content…
Since there is a direct link between type II diabetes and obesity I think it is best to try and promote a healthy lifestyle so that you can prevent ever getting type II diabetes. For patients that are already obese or diabetic I would still promote a healthy lifestyle. I would just try to have them shoot for little goal in order to lose weight and become healthier. I would see if they would like to be set up with a dietary specialist because every little bit of weight they lose will help them manage side effects. Overall I was shocked by the fructose talk Dr. Lustig gave. I personally did not know almost everything he said. You would think that if the government truly cared about health they would push fructose out of everything like they did with trans

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