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“He set an old army knapsack in the snow and held his bare bloody hands in front of him, and though they were cold, they weren’t impossibly cold” (Cornwell 11). This quote opens up the book with a jolt because the quote explains that the he in the quote was Temple Gault, a murderer. Temple Gault had just finished murdering his victim as the story began. The quote also explains the main theme of From Potter’s Field, which is a murder case. The book takes place in New York City as Temple Gault has just murdered his last victim. Kay Scarpetta is back at it again with her crew Pete Marino and Benton Wesley. The ironic thing was Kay, Pete, and Benton were already in the city because they were doing charity work. They got a call that Gault murdered …show more content…
“Benton, who is he (Gault) really killing when he kills these people? Himself, Gault is killing himself. It’s like a sport to him” (Cornwell 65). So in this quote Kay is talking to Benton about Gault. Kay suggests that Gault’s motive for killing all these people is because it’s a sport to him. I personally agree with Kay because I have heard in real life of people who just kill other people because they think it’s a sport, which is pretty dumb. In the book there was also another possible reason that I think he became a murderer. In the book it talked about Gault’s start in his murdering life. It started by him being at a truck stop and being harassed by some tougher truck drivers. What the truck drivers didn’t know is that Gault was an amazing black belt in karate and was very quick and strong. He fought one truck driver and killed him. He then cut off his head and put it in some farmers’ field. What I think is that he takes the feelings he felt that night at the truck stop and just releases it on whomever he feels like it. So he blames innocent people on incidents that happened years back and kills them. This is only a theoretical answer to my question, but this could be a possible explanation for the motives of Temple Gault. These were the motives I think that Temple Gault

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