From People : The Mechanisms Of Modernity Essay

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From Natives to Foreigners: The Mechanisms of Modernity
Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians? This question sets the tone, of the overt “events ”of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, which begs the question, how can these “events” be recognized by both, the Armenian Republic and the Turkish State; but, does not create a discourse to clearly answer what transpired? Regardless of the label used, the result was destruction of virtually every Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed after the war. What was left of the country transitioned into the modern-day Republic of Turkey, while a community left devastated, that before was not a target. This sudden shift from fellow brethren to enemy status, is perplexing, was this shift due to the call for modernization, which as Michael Mann puts it, “homogenizing to prosper” (Pg.235 Mann); in which, case the Armenians became victimized by the most inevitable factor: change? Or was this victimhood placed on the Armenians by the need for Turkishness to survive? In which manner, it’s interrupted the Armenians were victimized at the hands of Modernization and that of the Turkish ethnicity. This exploitation helps to reassert the problems of the Armenian Question following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and exhibits the Armenians suffering through: politicizing history to silence such inquiries (in terms of what happened to the remaining Armenians); additionally the Post-Ottoman Society made use of…

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