From My Friend, Ro Vargo Essay

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While reading “From My Friend, Ro Vargo” you will notice that it is about a girl that had special needs that is in a normal classroom setting. Recalling the story, it goes through the ups and downs of having a girl named Ro placed in a normal classroom setting. As well as the choices that her parents had to make by putting her in a mainstream classroom. As you read the story, Ro’s parents talk about the challenges that their daughter had to face and not just at school but at home with her sibling as well. In reading “From My Friend, Ro Vargo” it shows us that even though you /or someone you know has special needs, that you can achieve your dreams and goal’s too. You just might have to work a little harder at achieving them. In this story Ro’s parents talk about how Ro had made friends, enemies, went to college, and learned from her classmates. This story goes to show that just because you are differences /or have special needs that including these students into a general education classroom would be successful for everyone not just them.
Full Inclusion When reading “From My Friend, Ro Vargo” I could not help but be excited for her. Here is someone that had special needs, but does not let that get in her way and stop her. Ro and her family have had some very difficult times, but that did not stop any of them if anything it pushed them as well as Ro to want to prove them wrong. She did face some amazing resilience as well, she fought through it every time even though…

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