From Jrotc 's Past From The Shining Future Essay

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From JROTC 'S Past to the Present to the shining Future

“In a country like ours, which is emphatically agricultural, I presume it will not be doubted that a practical, scientific knowledge of agricultural would constitute an important appendage to the education of every American citizen”. The following is a direct quote from the founder of JROTC, Captain Alden Partridge. The quote explains how in a country such as the US is dependent on the land, but another major asset is with knowledge such as practical or scientific. As a result, Knowledge of the land constitutes an important part of education. One example of the quote is the addition of military studies offering another part of knowledge. JROTC has existed for 100 years. As a commemorative effort, we will reflect on what the history with JROTC has been, the differences seen comparing present day and possible changes that would occur 100 years from today.
History always plays a massive role with the present the contributions of the past help shape the present and reflecting on actions of the past while also assisting in shaping the future. The past had many events that eventually grew into JROTC. One major event that occurred was that in 1916, the junior reserve officer training corps (JROTC) was created when Congress passed the National defense Act, which authorized the loan of military equipment and the assignment of active duty military personnel to schools. JROTC began with the passed National Defense…

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