From Beijing Jeep to Asc Fine Wines: the Story of an American Family Business in China

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1. Was Beijing Jeep a success?
After the Chinese reform and opening­up policy led by Deng Xiaoping, China attracted many foreign direct investment because China aims to increase their economic growth, infrastructure, technology and other industries. During that time, the only way a foreigner company could enter the Chinese market was through a joint venture and this is how Beijing
Jeep emerged in 1984.
It was a huge step that an American firm could extend their business to one of the biggest markets in the world, however we consider that Beijing Jeep was not successful in China, because during this period, the economy of China was not stable and
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Since AMC is also hinting for a shut down if the financial difficulties do not get resolved, we can also talk of
‘doomsday’. A tactic which describes the outcome without their help in negative terms. But for this tactics to work, the government should first get the letter in hands of the government.
To overcome this problem AMC used the bigger public to get attention to the topic. The difficulties AMC is facing got displayed in a worldwide press campaign. This makes the premier notice the company and more likely to read their message. According to the case
‘ From Beijing to ASC Fine Wines ’ these negotiation tactics can also be concluded as a
‘playing hardball’ tactic. With ASC Fine wines the negotiation tactics used are different. The first encounter of ASC and the Chinese government was when the Customs Police looked for evidence of unfair competition. This search led to prove of falsely declaring the wine values resulting in custody of Don Jr. and ASC vice president. During the negotiations with the Chinese government about their custody, ASC had to change their tactics. Starting of with a ‘see you in court’ tactic, ASC soon realized that it had reversed results of the Chinese government. An attempt to involve

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