Friendships With Relationships With People With Whom One Essay

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Friendships are relationships with people with whom one can relate to in multiple ways. Friends are there when one needs them the most, especially in difficult situations. To some people, friends are almost like family members. Nonetheless, there are some friends who just present a facade around others just to falsify a non-existent friendship. Friends fall into one of three categories: the Talk Behind the Back, the Temporary, and the Best Man.
No matter where one goes in life, he or she will develop friendships over time. However, one friendship that an individual should avoid at all costs is the Talk Behind the Back friend. These so-called friends only pretend to be so for their own purposes. At times, they can be the best of friends, and at other times they go spreading rumors about people behind their backs. One must identify this type of Talk Behind the Back friend and avert them from their social circle. These friends show a facade that is just there to fool people into believing that they actually care about a person, when in reality, they really do not. One will inevitably wind up mixed in the drama that goes on in friendships with the Talk Behind the Back friend. Despite this type of acquaintance, there are much better types of friends to have.
In life, one will eventually travel or move from place to place. This means that the friendships developed during this time will be only transient, and hence, the Temporary friend. The Temporary friend is an in-between…

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