Friendships And Long Distance Friendships Essay

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Long-distance friendships have been categorized under relationships that often run into failure. Many disregard the ability for these relationships to maintain strength; therefore, many fail to pay attention to these friendships, allowing themselves to assume that they will simply not work out. There are many scholarly journals that focus on studies done comparing geographically close friendships and long-distance friendships. These journals are able to bring attention to the ways in which the studies go against this predetermined idea of the likeliness of a strong long-distance relationship. Through advancements in communication as well as a strong sense of commitment in the relatinship, long-distance friendships are just as capable as attaining satisfaction and closeness as geographically close friendships are.
Communication plays a key part in relationships. It is an essential factor in beginning, building, and maintaining a relationship with others. In this technologically advanced world, communication is made more accessible in a variety of ways that do not just include “in-person” contact. Many of these scholarly articles recognize that the possible means of communication have expanded, allowing for easily attainable success in long-distance friendships. Amy Janan Johnson recognizes the fact that modern day options for communication are lessening the difficulties of upholding a long-distance relationship in her article, “Changes in Friendship Commitment: Comparing…

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