Friendship Between Friendship And Friendship Essay examples

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Where would the world be without friendships? Countries have friendships with different countries due to the fact that they have the trust and support that they want. Though they usually do not last long, in politics there are friendships made in order to beat the opposing side out. There are even examples of friendship in everyday life. Some of which that could last a lifetime. For instance, if a person were to be quiet and seem as if they did not have many friends, one could invite them to the movies and maybe even discover that they have a lot in common. Friendship means many different things to different people. Some argue that friendship is useless, while others argue that it is a necessity for life. To many, friendship simply means family. And family can mean anything from literal blood to friends that a person can confide in and depend on. What exactly is friendship? True friendship makes someone a better person while staying happy.
True friendship starts when they are willing to tell the person everything that lies in their best interest. They will tell them anything even if it means that it could possibly sabotage the relationship. For instance, they would tell them if they witnessed their boyfriend cheating on them, but that it happened a month previously. This is something that could ruin the relationship because they had waited a long time to tell their friend. Yet, they still told them because they want the best for their friend. A true friend should be willing…

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