Friendship and Enmity Essay

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Friendship and Enmity
Friendship and Enmity is a very important subject to write about. As everyone in this life meets his friends and maybe make enemies. Friendship is a social relation between two persons or more, they have something in common to share .On the other hand enmity is a word that expresses hate and harm. But here we will speak about the friendship and enmity in William Blake's poem "A POISON TREE" .
In this poem Blake spoke about the difference between relations with his friends and his enemies .first he spoke about his relation with his friend. He said that one day he was angry with his friend ,then very simply he told his friend about his anger and they reconciled and returned to their lovely friendship . There is a
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The second point here is that the poet has not passed the mistake and allowed everything to return to its passes but he preferred to increase his hatred towards his enemy and water it and expose it to sun as a plant , plants are usually a symbol of tolerance and good deeds. Here in this poem it is more likely to talk about anger and malice as fire which burns first the soul inside us before it harms anyone else.
In my opinion it is better to take everything easy and I believe that we can turn enemies into friends. When the poet was angry with his enemy and did not tell him about that and grew up his anger . Surely he was not happy , definitely he was in pain and on the other side his enemy was very happy and cannot feel anything maybe if they spoke together they would have reconciled consequently everything ended in peace. But the poet preferred to grow up his anger until it became a big tree and this tree yielded an apple. What do you think of a fruit which is a result of a tree of hatred surely it is a bad , poisoned apple and it looks awesome from outside. What happened next his enemy saw the apple , ate it , died as a result , the poet was happy and relieved !. That is a crazy idea as he cannot feel relieved until he harms or kills . Why hadn't he tried to end the matter in a peaceful way?
Nowadays many courses and books everywhere teaches us how to make friends , how to choose them and differentiate between good and bad

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