Friendshi Friendship: The Relationship Between People

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A familiar term for all of us ‘Friendship’, is the relationship between people. Many people say that they can’t live without friends. Ofcourse, as all other living things, we need our kind to live. But its a controversial topic that we need or we just like to communicate and to socialize. Nowadays, friendship is seperated to some subdivions such as; real friends, long friendships and ofcourse BFF’s which means ‘best friend forever’. These subdivions are for the people who say friend to everyone they see. The term friendship shouldn’t be filled with such kind of empty things. It also includes every type of relation between people, but when asked what friendship means, everyone will first think of the people who they really think as the person they need as a friend.
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It is a concept that can differ from region to region as well as culture to culture. What is friendship for you ? If we look at our parents, the way they look to friendship is totally different from us. The friendship for them is about how they react when you are in need of help. But for the young people nowadays friendship is more about how well they get on with people. ‘Tell me your friend, i will tell you who you are’ said Mevlana. His words are like a summary of our friendship nowadays. Aren’t we get the good and the bad behaviours from our friends ? Frienship plays a big role in our characteristic. So, friendship can be helpful and harmful. But its also in our hand to

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